2017          “The 9TH Annual Geometric”                                           MADI Museum, Dallas, TX
2017            Islamic Art Exhibit                                                               San Jose, California
2017            “I am Woman, Hear me Roar”                                        TVAA Gallery Dallas, TX
2017            “International Water media, Juried selected works”               Colorado
2017            “Juried selected works Exhibition, Women’s                          Dallas,   Texas Vignette Art Fair Presented by Texas Women’s Caucus for Art Vignette. Group Show
2017            “Juried selected works Exhibition “                                     Plano, TX
2016           “Line”    Blue Spiral 1                                                                  Asheville, NC
2016            “Artists’ DFW Juried selected works Fire Camp”              Fort Worth, TX
2016           “Multi-Cultural Art Exhibit”                                                       Plano, TX
2016            “Iranian Painters Society Exhibition- Iranian Artist’s                 Dallas,TX
2016           “The pattern of culture”                                                                      Plano, TX
2015           “An Artists’ DFW Juried selected works Fire Camp                    Fort Worth, TX
2015          “The Seventh Annual Geometric”                                             MADI Museum, Dallas, TX
2015           “Plano’s annual Multicultural Art Exhibit”                                  Dallas, TX
2015           “Awards Gala” ceremony The Asian Magazine Crow Collection of Asian Art Museum   TX
2015         “Juried Summer Colors selected works “Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Children TX
2015          “Toward the Light Juried selected works” Gallery 166               Dallas, TX
2012           “Fire Camp, Renaissance Hotel”                                                Fort Worth, TX
2012           “Southampton Art, Children Book”                                            New York, NY
2012           “Carillon Gallery Back to Basics Miniature “                             Fort Worth, TX
2011          “Gallery8680 – “Water” Oil colors “                                           Dallas -U.S.A, TX
2010            “CAMCSI, Shutters IRAQ UNT University, Oil                        Dallas, TX
2008            “Children’s Cancer Center -Miniature “                                      San Antonio, TX
2008            “McKinney Art club-U.S.A, -Miniature”                                    Dallas, TX
2010            NYFA, Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists                        New York
2008             “Plano Center, Persian New Year Festival “Miniature &Illumination    Dallas, TX
2008            McKinney Art club -Miniature                                                    Dallas, TX
2008           “PCPC Art Festival, Beginnings – Miniature ‘                            Dallas, TX
2008            “In a Circle”, Almost Circle Gallery                                        Brooklyn, New York
2008            “Hunting PLC –Miniature”                                                          Houston, TX
2008            “Arlington Museum, Gala –Illumination”                                   Arlington, TX
2007            “lekae Gallery”, American Women Artist –Miniature”               Arizona, TX
2006            “Long wood Gallery- Miniature & Illumination “                      New York
2005            “British Museum ––Illumination”                                          London, England,
2005             “Case-1 Gallery–Miniature & Illumination”                            London, England
2005            “Cardiff Hall University Miniature & Illumination”                  Cardiff, Wales
2004            “Case 1 Gallery–Oil color& Woman”                                          London, England
2004            “Red Cross – Oil color”                                                              London, England
2003            “Aletahad Gallery “,Islamic Art show of  Illumination and Calligraphy”       Medina, Saudi Arabia
2003            “Doyna Gallery –- Miniature”                                                     Istanbul, Turkey
2002            “Tabris University Hall—Miniature”                                         Tehran, Iran
2002            “Fine Art University –Miniature &Illumination”                       Tehran, Iran
2002            “Gousel Hall – Miniature &Illumination”                                   Istanbul, Turkey
2000            “Senior Exhibit” Georgia State University                                 Atlanta, GA